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Pablo Versus Plush Pug


It’s not like I don’t have a lot of work to do. It’s just that I can’t resist playing with my new Comic Book app. Here’s a comic strip starring Pablo. The photos used come from several years ago, when Pablo first met his arch nemesis, a large plush pug. Pablo was itching for a fight and barked and attacked until he was worn out. I still laugh, remembering.



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Fun with Apps


In my never ending search for cool apps, I recently discovered Comic Book, which lets you make comics from photos. I haven’t work my way up to multiple panels yet, but here’s my first stab. Pablo was kind enough to pose. 


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We Went to the Dog Park

We recently discovered there’s a once-a-month pug meet-up at our local dog park. Saturday we went to our first one and, sure enough, there were a plethora of pugs milling around. It was a bit nippy and I was chagrined to find many of the dogs bundled up in warm sweaters. Pablo, alas, was coatless, although he didn’t seem to mind. Packed up somewhere in our new house are his winter woolies; I just haven’t uncovered them yet.  As it’s supposed to be in the 70s today, I’m not too concerned. But winter will soon be here so I’d better start searching. Sigh.

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