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Signs of the Times



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Ardmore’s Most Wanted

Time: July 26, 6PM

Charge: Attempted Murder

Suspect: Miss Rita

Victim: Unidentifiable Songbird

Just the Facts, Ma’am: High-pitched squawks of bird in distress were heard coming from house in Ardmore; upon investigating alleged suspect was found with struggling bird in her jaws; told to drop the bird, suspect declined, and, evading arrest, fled with victim up the stairs; Officer K pursued with Deputy Pablo remaining downstairs to sniff for clues; suspect was flushed out of hiding and chased onto deck where she relinquished her prey; suspect was then brought in for questioning

Rap Sheet: Suspect was found to have a long list of previous crimes against wildlife, including toads, voles, shrews, and mice

Verdict: Guilty as Charged

Sentencing: House Arrest


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Happy Trails, M!

My niece M’s visit with us came to an end yesterday. We enjoyed our time with her—and so did Pablo. One night in particular the two played together for so long that they wore each other out. Pablo dug out our every toy he owns—a considerable number—and brought them to M to be tossed and tugged. For a few short hours he was a puppy again.

M, we love you!


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Bonding with Ben

My nine-year-old niece came to visit with us for a few days. M hails from Connecticut and this was her first trip to Philadelphia. She had very definite ideas about what she wanted to do, including seeing the Ben Franklin statue in Penn University, visiting the Liberty Bell, and going to the Reading Terminal Market. All three were accomplished yesterday. Today we’re off to the Franklin Institute Science Museum (if she ever wakes up; yesterday wore her out quite a bit).

Here’s M visiting with Ben:

And here she is with a new friend she met at the end of the day:

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Flower Power

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What’s the Number One Vacation Spot for Dogs?

Cape Cod, MA. At least that’s according to a list at Other resort areas where dogs can vacation and unwind include Chattanooga, TN, at number 10, Colorado Springs, CO, at number 5, and Black Hills, SD, coming in at number 2.

Pablo’s last vacation happened to be in Ptown, and this was before we knew that the Cape rated so highly. We went in October of 09 to visit my mom, who was renting a house there during the off season. And although we haven’t visited the other places on the list, Ptown was indeed very dog friendly. Dogs were allowed on the beach, and Pablo got the chance to dip his paws in the Atlantic Ocean, a first for him. Restaurants were cool with dogs in their outdoor cafes, and there was even an art gallery specializing in dog paintings. We considered immortalizing Pablo in paint, but decided that $750 (for the smallest painting) was a little too steep. Photos of Sir Sheddalot (his new nickname) will have to suffice.

I'm ready for my next vacation. Where are we going?

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Bon Voyage, T and B!

My sister  T (blogger of Dirt and Rocks) and her husband B (blogger of Paddling Otaku) were in NYC for a visit recently. On their way up from NC, they stopped in to see me.  Although B could only stay a little while, T spent the night. The next day we went into Philly to see the sights and have lunch with our mother. Then T went on to NYC to meet up with more friends and family. Today T and B head back home.

Since T’s feet are often featured on her blog, I thought it appropriate to show them on mine. Here are T’s dogs right before she left Philly. Make sure you use them to come back this way again, T!

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