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A Grumble of Pugs


Many fun and unusual words describe groups of animals. Among my favorites are a murder of crows, a sleuth of bears, and an exaltation of larks. But what of pugs? Of course there is pack of dogs, but as anyone who has witnessed a group of snuffling, panting pugs knows the word doesn’t exactly fit.

Then a few weeks ago I stumbled across the phrase a grumble of pugs. Doing a little online research I found out that indeed the collective noun for pugs is a grumble. This delighted me! Pablo is a known grumbler; he especially likes to grumble after dinner. Belly full, he struts around the house grumbling–and yes, it’s very distinct from his usual barking–at whatever strikes his fancy. It could be at one of the cats or a car going by outside. No matter. Pablo grumbles until he’s grumbled out.

Does your pug grumble?



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New Friends


This past Labor Day weekend, Karl and I celebrated our anniversary (two years!) by escaping to a fabulous retreat in upstate NY, not far from our old stomping grounds in Beacon. The retreat was a horse farm with 23 grass-munching equines. While we didn’t go riding, we did nuzzle up to our new friends and I fed carrots to quite a number of them.

While K toured the area’s sites and visited a museum devoted exclusively to old motorcycles, I took advantage of yoga classes held in a converted barn on the property.

IMG_3145One of the things I liked best about the sessions was the relaxed atmosphere. As we did our Downward Dogs we got to see the real thing in action; the owner’s dog, Buddha, attended all the classes and liked to cosy up to people as they stretched or relaxed on their mats.


Buddha, a Wheaton terrier, was a truly great dog, friendly and full of spirit, yet never a pest. I wish we could have brought Pablo along with us. He would have enjoyed romping around the 200 plus acres (Well, okay, he’d sniff a few horse posts and then settle down near the dining room to wait for scraps.). Speaking of which, the food was delicious, each and every bite. We came back spoiled and well rested.

And a special shout-out to my mom for taking such good care of Pablo. She even managed to get him to go down the back stairs, something we’d given up hope of ever seeing again.

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