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Wordless Wednesday #3


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Say It Aint So!

One of the things that bugs me most about where I live is the local government’s attitude towards dogs. There are many dogs in the Ardmore area and people are very good about taking their dogs on walks and picking up after them. And for the most part owners keep their dogs on leads. So why is the official attitude towards dogs so negative? Signs at every park I pass state in big bold letters, NO DOGS ALLOWED. I understand why dogs might not be welcome in playgrounds or sport areas, but they can’t wander in the woods? In all the places I’ve lived, dogs have been allowed to sniff and snuffle their way through parks as long as they’re on leads.

I don’t know who decided that dogs can’t frolic in the parks. Probably a bunch of official bigshots who like to pass ordinances to show off their power. If they could get away with it, they’d no doubt post NO SQUIRRELS ALLOWED signs in the parks too.

Here is one such sign just a few streets down from us, followed by Pablo’s pithy commentary.


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Venusian Cats, Martian Dogs

The home animal hospital saga continues with another patient onboard. Rita, our cat, came down with a bad infection in her left ear with all kinds of wonderful bacteria growing inside. Another trip to the vet and another patient to medicate. Pablo still being on his meds, of course.

Here’s our morning routine—repeated at night. Give Pablo his antibiotics disguised in peanut butter which he gobbles down, thinking how lucky he is to get a special treat. Next it’s his ear drops. At first he didn’t like the drops, but now when he spots the vial in my hand he comes running. Why? Because when it’s over, he knows he’ll be rewarded with a dog biscuit. (The eye ointment treatment is finished and his eyes are once again big, beautiful, and clear. Yeah!)

Next up is Miss Rita. She caught on super fast that part of our morning routine is putting drops in her ear and as soon as she sees K coming, she scoots away. After a prolonged chase, K nabs her and holds her tight while I put in the drops. Except–Pablo see the vial and jumps up next to us. The greedy pug wants Rita’s drops, hoping they’ll bring him another biscuit.

The conclusion? Cats are definitely from Venus and Dogs are from Mars. Case closed.


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Wordless Wednesday #2

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Meet and Greet at the Vet’s

Today we took Pablo to a new vet. Since we moved, I’ve been asking around for a good practice, and finally decided on a nearby animal hospital that is a bit pricey but came with good recommendations. Besides a general check-up, Pablo needed a few minor matters attended to. His ears, always a problem, had become gookier and crustier than usual, despite frequent cleanings. And lately his eyes have been gunky as well. What was up? Turns out both conditions are most probably due to allergies. The vet explained that with this year’s wet winter/spring many pets, not just people, have had allergy flare-ups. The vet cleaned out his ears and put him on antibiotics.

Another problem was Pablo’s gastric disturbances. Lately he’s been waking up, jumping off the bed, and vomiting a foaming yellow bile. The vet said it’s likely he has too much acid in his stomach. The cure? Right before bed he should be fed a little something—she recommended rice cakes—so that his stomach isn’t empty all night. As I mentioned to K, trust Pablo to come away from a visit to the vet’s with a prescription to be fed more often!

All in all, I liked the new vet, although I miss our old practice back in Beacon, the one that pulled him through his cancer scare. Pablo was super hyper during the visit, the way he always is on vet visits. He has always enjoyed going to the vet’s, no matter what happens to him there. I know some pet owners have to drag their dogs inside, and I’m lucky I never had that problem. In another two weeks I have to take him back to make sure the ear infection has cleared up. Until then, he has to take antibiotics, eye ointment, an acid reducer, and Benadryl (to control the allergy symptoms). What fun!

The little trooper in the vet's office


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Wordless Wednesday #1


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We’re Number 17 So We Try Harder

The American Kennel Club listings for most popular breeds for 2009 are out, and the pug comes in at number 17, a respectable placement for sure. The Lab still ranks number 1, for the 19th year in a row. The bulldog—my daughter’s fav—went up a spot to number 7, and the German Shephard knocked the Yorkie from second place down to third. (My first dog was a GS and the breed always holds a special place in my heart.)

Interestingly, when the results for Top Dogs by City are polled, the pug lands in spot number 5 (tying with the Rottweiler) for Newark, NJ. Newark!


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