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Got Milk?




March 27, 2013 · 2:35 pm

Pablo’s Nest


Spring’s officially here but the weather hasn’t cooperated. Pablo was disgruntled to be greeted with snow and slush on his morning walk. He kept trying to head back to his nest of blankets where he’s recently taken up residence (see above). Luckily for his sake and mine, I convinced him to continue with his walk. That task scratched from his to-do list, he went home to a treat and then a long snooze on the couch.

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Two Books for Kids Featuring Pugs


Somehow I missed this book when it came out in 2010. Written by Tori Spelling–yes, that Tori–it’s a story of a poor little rich girl who can’t act the way the other 99 percent do. She’s not allowed to get dirty, or talk loudly, or even wear jeans. So tragic. On the plus side, there’s a pug in the book. In real life, Tori Spelling is a big fan of pugs, so no surprise she included one in her story.


Coming out in a few days is another, more promising book for pug-loving kids. Pug: And Other Animal Poems is by Valerie Worth with collage illustrations by the brilliant Steve Jenkins. Its on my TBR list for sure.

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Pug in a Hat


As readers of my second blog–The Cath in the Hat–know, I’m a big fan of Dr. Seuss. Saturday was the good doctor’s birthday and in honor of the occasion Pablo donned a Cat-in-the-Hat hat. He allowed it only because he knew a treat would soon be forthcoming–and it was.

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