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TV Has Gone to the Dogs

When Pablo was a pupster he cuddled up beside me to watch the Westminster Dog Show, barking his approval when the show dogs paraded past the judges. As he got older, he stopped watching, no doubt catching on that the shows were more for human than canine enjoyment. Well, the entertainment idustry has wised up and TV has finally gone to the dogs. DogTV, a cable network, puts on programs specifically aimed for your pooch. The idea is to soothe and entertain your dog while you’re away. Right now DogTV is available only in San Diego but by year’s end it should be available nationwide. In the meantime your pooch can always check it out online.

Read more about DogTV in this New York Times article.


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One of the Flopsy Bunnies

K snapped our backyard lagomorph mid-flight. She’s been around a lot lately. This morning I spotted her ridding our lawn of dandelions.

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Like A Puppy Again!

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Thanks to everyone who sent Pablo birthday wishes! He had a fun-filled birthday weekend packed with a steak BBQ, presents, and a trip to the dog park in our new town. We were impressed with the dog park and overjoyed to see Pablo running around like a pup. In our last dog park Pablo spent all his time sniffing and marking territory. Here the minute he was out of the truck he took off. The difference appears to be that this dog park is grass and level unlike our old uneven gravel/dirt dog park. ¬†We’re looking forward to many more romps here.


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Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!!

Eleven years ago today the best pug in the world was born. Happy birthday, Pablo!

The birthday boy already had one of his special treats, an ice-cream shaped dog biscuit and opened one of his presents, a leather leash that matches his collar. He looked pretty spiffy on his morning amble through the park. Later today a trip to the dog park is planned and tonight we’ll have more goodies as well as another present.

Right now Pablo is snoozing beside me, no doubt dreaming of all the fun coming his way.


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In Mostly Meh Company

Best of the Bunch

This Saturday, April 14th, Pablo turns 11 years old. Party festivities are underway and his present (a snazzy leather leash–don’t tell!) has been bought. The day before taxes are due, April 14 always struck me as an auspicious birthdate. Who else, I wondered, was born on this most worrisome day? Well, Pablo shares his birthday with a motley crew, no one wildly famous, but not anyone super notorious either (Doc Duvalier is as bad as it gets). Here’s a sampling of Pablo’s fellow celebrants:

Emperor Go-Kogon of Japan (ruler)

Christian Huygens (discovered Saturn’s rings)

Alfred West (champion cyclist)

Rod Stieger (actor)

Loretta Lynn (country singer)

Pete Rose (baseball gambler, er, player)

Steve Martin (comic, actor, writer)

Brian Forster (Partridge Family, drums)

Adrien Brody (actor)

Sarah Michelle Gellar (actress?)

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