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You Ain’t Nothing But a “Yule Dog”


This is perhaps my favorite New Yorker cover of all time. It isn’t hard to guess why. The artist is Ana Juan.

It reminds me of a photo my daughter took of Pablo one Christmas morning about ten years ago.


Happy Holidays!






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Punk Pug


Happy Halloween, fellow pugophiles! As you know, pugs and Halloween go together like fries and ketchup. Pablo has already had his share of treats–his reward for letting me take photos of him in costume.



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Happy Halloween!


Pablo has his vampire bat costume on and is waiting for those treats. Bring ’em on!


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Take Your Pug to Work Day!


Okay, so it’s Take Your Dog to Work Day. But in my house every weekday is Take Your Pug to Work. That’s because as I sit in my office pounding away at the keyboard Pablo is my faithful companion. As I type this he is at my feet, spread eagle on the floor inches from my chair. I have to remember he’s there or else I sometimes roll onto him. When I’ve done that a few times, he staggers to his paws and goes to his bed, pictured above.

A loyal assistant, he always manages to wake up at lunchtime to help me eat my sandwich. Then it’s back to the grind of getting in a full day’s sleep. When K returns from his job, Pablo is there to greet him. His work day complete, he follows K to the kitchen for a well-earned snack.



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Thirteen Years Ago Today


Happy Birthday, Pablo! My wonderful pug turns thirteen today–he’s officially a teenager! Looking back at his puppy photos brings back so many memories–like how he would follow me everywhere, even right into the shower, and how he would bark at me whenever I scolded him–as if I were the one doing something wrong!

K is away on a business trip so Pablo and I will spend a quiet day together. He already got his birthday present, an orange harness, and he looks very dashing in it. (Pictures to follow in a later post.) We went on an extra long walk on this lovely warm spring day and it was nice to finally see so many trees and flowers finally in bloom. And tonight we will celebrate with a birthday candle in a Frosty Paws.


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Full Circle


Twenty-eight years ago I gave my first (and pretty much only) Thanksgiving. Considering that nine days before I had just given birth to my daughter, it was perhaps not the wisest decision. But pumped up with hormones and the adrenaline of becoming a parent, I persevered and invited my family to join us at our Upper West Side apartment. I wish I could tell you how it was; being chronically sleep-deprived in those days I have very little recollection of the actual event. Since no one came down with food poisoning, I suppose it went off well enough.

Fast forward twenty-eight years. The baby from that first Thanksgiving is now an accomplished interior designer and living in Brooklyn in trendy Williamsburg. With just a little bit of arm-twisting from me (you can hardly see the burns), last week she and her boyfriend threw their first Thanksgiving. Despite the alarming invitation we received–promising a “Thanksgiving Fiasco”–it was a huge success. The food was cooked to perfection and the decor, well, did I mention my daughter is a designer? It was K’s and my first time seeing their new apartment and it was a vision to behold, straight out of the pages of a magazine. The photo above shows the set table before everyone plopped down and devoured the grub.

As we sat long after the last plate had been cleared, sipping wine and chatting, I realized that the torch had been passed–and that I’d never have to throw another Thanksgiving again!

Since this post wasn’t about Pablo (sorry, big guy), here’s a shot of my grandcat Lily, looking very distinguished.






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And the Winner Is…


And the frog wins it! The votes have been tallied with 13 for the frog and 10 for the caterpillar. Pablo will greet the trick-or-treaters who traipse to our door in his frog costume. Maybe he will meet a princess who will kiss him and turn him back into the prince of pugs.

Thanks to all who voted!!!


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