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Halloween Decorations

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For your viewing pleasure, here’s a slideshow of Halloween decorations in my little neighborhood.


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The Results Are In



And it’s Senor Swanky by a landslide. (Runner-up: Devil Dog) Thanks to all who voted!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Riding a Wave

Here are some clever costume ideas for pugs–way too ambitious for Pablo and me. Check out some more costumed canines here. And don’t forget to cast a vote for Pablo’s Halloween duds. You have until Sunday.

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Halloween’s Around the Corner and . . .

Pablo doesn't have a costume. We need your help! 
Look at the choices below and vote for your favorite. 
You have until October 30th. 
Tune in on Halloween to see the winning costume.


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Chilling Juxtaposition

In this video, Wang Yue, a two-year-old, is run over by not one, but two, vans, both drivers continuing on their way. Passers-by on this busy road in China ignore the bleeding child, until a woman finally stops and aids the toddler after at least 18 people went by without raising a finger. Outcome: Child dies.

In this video, a stray dog risks its life to save another dog that has been hit by a car on a busy highway in Chile. Outcome: Both dogs survive.


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I Am a Camera

This video was posted by largoembargo. He attached a pet-cam to his pug and let him go about his doggie ways. See the world from the POV of a pug. The ending puts a new spin on the word.


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Pug on Wheels

Roscoe, a five-year-old pug whose hind legs are paralyzed, had his customized wheelchair stolen by some cruel-hearted fiend and  no longer was able to exercise. Luckily for him, a woman read about his plight in a Toronto newspaper and offered Roscoe a wheelchair her dog had scooted around in. Roscoe took to his new set of wheels like a charm. To read more and see a video of Roscoe in action, click here.


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