The End: April 14, 01-September 25, 17

img_3669This is the post I’ve been dreading to write since I first started this blog six years ago. Last night, Pablo died in our arms at home. It was a swift end to a long life (in dog years). With all this time to mull on it, you’d think I’d have the perfect eulogy. But I don’t. Because everything I wanted to say I’ve already said in this blog.

Pablo’s full name was Pablo My Heart’s Desire. And he was, and is, and he always will be.

Goodbye old friend.


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Happy Gotcha Day #16!


Sixteen years ago we drove into the wilds of Connecticut (okay, Wallingford) to collect our little bundle of fur. The joy he has given me every day since then has been immense. Even though it can be tough at times caring for an elderly dog, I wouldn’t change a second of it.


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Pablo’s New Wheels

img_4718.jpgI was on and off the fence about getting Pablo a stroller. I wasn’t sure he would go for it–he certainly wasn’t thrilled when we got him a doggie wheelchair. But after some initial apprehension, he took to his new ride. The weather has been rainy so we haven’t used it much–but once the sun peeks through, watch out, Pablo is on the road!


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Sweet Sixteen

IMG_4448I’ve been remiss in posting news of Pablo’s birthday on April 14. He turned 16 that day. We had family over for the weekend so he was surrounded by people and food, the two things he loves best.


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Fun in the Sun

img_3875Pablo started out the new year in style. K and I put him in his hoodie and took him to our local park. Since Pablo can no longer walk, K pulled him in our wagon.  Pablo definitely enjoyed the change of scenery.


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You Ain’t Nothing But a “Yule Dog”


This is perhaps my favorite New Yorker cover of all time. It isn’t hard to guess why. The artist is Ana Juan.

It reminds me of a photo my daughter took of Pablo one Christmas morning about ten years ago.


Happy Holidays!





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Punk Pug


Happy Halloween, fellow pugophiles! As you know, pugs and Halloween go together like fries and ketchup. Pablo has already had his share of treats–his reward for letting me take photos of him in costume.



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