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Welcome 2011!

Pablo wishes everyone a happy and safe new year.




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The Kenny Coat

The day I’ve been dreading all year arrived–the first snowfall of the season. Snow equals salt, which our neighbors sprinkle with abandon on their sidewalks. And all that salt, combined with the arctic weather conditions, means that Pablo can’t go for his walk until he’s been wrestled into his parka and booties. We call the parka his Kenny coat, for obvious reasons (at least to fans of the comedy series South Park).

The red booties came about after much trial and error. Made of a rubbery material, they are so thin a dog can feel the sidewalk under his paws. They’re also disposable, but we’re able to get a number of walks in before we have to throw a set away. And, more importantly, they are the only boots that work with Pablo. Without them, he’ll reach a patch of salt and lift his paws when the salt begins to burn. Then he won’t continue. Too many times, I’ve ended up carrying a 20 plus pug home through mountains of snow and slush.

And so winter begins in all its glory. How I hate it!




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Throw Another Log on the Fire

If you’re of a certain age (that is, as old as the hills), you probably remember the yule log crackling on TV every Christmas Eve. Growing up, our family didn’t have a fireplace, so we huddled around the TV instead, watching the flames flicker and listening to carols. In the spirit of those happier times, here’s a yule log for your Christmas Eve. Pull up to the computer ┬ámonitor, break out the eggnog, and enjoy my all-time favorite Christmas song.


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Decked Out for the Holidays

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Merry Pugmas

Spent all day Saturday decking the halls, tra la la la la la, and all that. Then today I thought I’d take some photos of Pablo under the tree. No such luck. No matter how much I begged and pleaded and bribed him with treats, he wouldn’t sit still for a good shot. I’ll have to try again when K gets home.

So, instead, I’m posting a photo taken by my daughter of Pablo on Christmas morning four years ago when I lived in upstate NY. I’ve always loved this image, and one year used it for my holiday cards.

Why will he sit so patiently for E and not for me????


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Happy Cat Herding Day!

Who knew? December 15th is Cat Herding Day. Rita and OC generally don’t need to be herded (unless a trip to the vet is called for). Sometimes, though, Pablo gets it into his head to herd them, driving them from room to room until he gets bored. Question: is it considered herding if it’s two cats?

Don’t have a clowder of cats to herd? Have no fear. Watch this clip and join in the celebration of this special day.


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Hey Diddle Diddle, the Pug and the Fiddle


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