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A Pug Poem


On my other blog, The Cath in the Hat, I review children’s books. It isn’t often that my two interests collide, but it’s usually a happy occurrence when they do. Case in point, Pug and Other Animal Poems, a picture book featuring verse by Valerie Worth and illustrations by Steve Jenkins. Jenkins uses collage to capture each animal’s portrait, and as you can see by the pug on the cover, he does a masterful job. I love the way the tip of the pug’s tongue sticks out, something that Pablo has taken to doing lately.

While all the poems are wonderful, by favorite has to be–you guessed it–the one entitled “Pug.”

With their goggling

Eyes and stumpy

Noses, wrinkled

Brows and hairy

Moles, they’re what

Some people

Might call plug-ugly;

Perhaps because, for

Dogs, they look

A lot like people.


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What a Birthday!



This is Pablo at the start of his birthday festivities, so just imagine what he looked like after all the presents had been opened (and many consumed). Although he turned 12 on April 14, it wasn’t until this past weekend that we truly celebrated. Our party guests included my mom, my daughter (and Pablo’s big sis), and her boyfriend, who met Pablo for the first time. When introduced, he said it was like meeting a celebrity. Pablo could only agree since he firmly believes he’s a star and is often deeply offended when people on the street don’t make a fuss over him.

While we devoured our feast of grilled beef, noodles, and broccoli, Pablo had his Frosty Paws and then scooted over to beg for scraps. Later it was present time and he sniffed and pawed his way through packages of dog-boutique treats.  I think the card my mother got him sums it up quite well, don’t you?


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Happy Birthday, Pablo!


Today is Pablo’s 12th birthday so he’s officially an old geezer. As you can see, he’s just as handsome as ever (even if lately he’s been a bit stiff in the hind quarters).

We have beautiful spring weather and we intend to take advantage of it by grilling outside–Pablo’s favorite pastime. So they’ll be some steak for his birthday dinner and a Frosty Paws for dessert. Next weekend will be the true celebration when his sister and her beau and my mom come.

And yesterday was the third anniversary of this blog. Many thanks to all of Pablo’s followers and well-wishers!


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Just Chillin’


Pablo likes to hang out at the top of the stairs and wait for K to come home from work. He knows K’s schedule better than I do. As soon as 4:30 rolls around Pablo takes up residence at his post.

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Naming Your Best Friend


Today’s New York Times has an interesting article on the art of naming dogs. Some suggestions include:

1. Stick to names of one or two syllables.

2. Names that end in in a long vowel or a short “a” are good.

3. Include a hard consonant like a “k” to get the dog’s attention. (Apparently dogs hear these better.)

4. Eschew trendy names.

5. Uncommon names, though, stand out.

6. Pick a name you’re willing to repeat. A lot.

So how does Pablo’s name stack up? Well, it aces suggestions one and two. As for numbers four and five, his name certainly isn’t trendy, and it does stand out at the dog park. (I’ve never met another dog named Pablo. Have you?) And I like the way it sounds, so it’s a go for suggestion six as well. The only criteria his name doesn’t match is a hard consonant sound. So I’m thinking of changing his name. Pabko! Here, Pabko!

If you’re interested in learning how Pablo got his name, click here for an earlier post.

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For the Pug Who Has Everything


Wouldn’t Pablo look distinguished in a Warby Barker monocle? Priced at a reasonable $50, the eyewear is made from chew-resistant acetate.

Well, don’t look for him sporting one anytime soon. The canine collection of dog specs was last year’s April Fool’s prank by the folks at the Warby Parker eyewear company. Click here to see more doggy four-eyes.

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