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Robin Williams, Pug Lover


Of all the tributes pouring in to social media sites, it’s strange to see how many fans primarily remember Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire or as the voice of Aladdin. To me, he was Mork from the planet Ork. It was obvious even then, though, that the small screen could never contain his genius.

As I was reading up on him, I was surprised to learn that Williams was a fellow pugophile. In 2010, he adopted a pug from Curly Tail Pug Rescue. The pug was the only surviving pup from a litter born to a mother rescued from a puppy mill. Williams rechristened the pug Leonard Bean, aka Lenny, and was often spotted in his neighborhood walking his new friend. The Bark has a short piece on Williams and Lenny which you can read here. Perhaps the best way you can honor the memory of Williams’ is to adopt a rescue pug and give it a forever home. 


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A Grumble of Pugs


Many fun and unusual words describe groups of animals. Among my favorites are a murder of crows, a sleuth of bears, and an exaltation of larks. But what of pugs? Of course there is pack of dogs, but as anyone who has witnessed a group of snuffling, panting pugs knows the word doesn’t exactly fit.

Then a few weeks ago I stumbled across the phrase a grumble of pugs. Doing a little online research I found out that indeed the collective noun for pugs is a grumble. This delighted me! Pablo is a known grumbler; he especially likes to grumble after dinner. Belly full, he struts around the house grumbling–and yes, it’s very distinct from his usual barking–at whatever strikes his fancy. It could be at one of the cats or a car going by outside. No matter. Pablo grumbles until he’s grumbled out.

Does your pug grumble?


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Ain’t He Sweet?


Pablo was looking particularly fetching when I snapped this photo just a few days ago. Need I add that it was prior to our current heat wave. Now, instead of snuggling in wool, he’s parked under the dining room chair in direct line of the floor fan.


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BJ and Sabrina


by Christian Oth for The New York Times

Hey, pug lovers, this photo of Billy Joel posing with his pug Sabrina is from an article in Sunday’s New York Times. K is a big-time motorcycle enthusiast and has been on the fence about getting a sidecar for his Airhead. This photo made up his mind, so soon you might see Pablo sitting pretty in his very own sidecar. Of course, he’ll be wearing a pair of Doggles!

BTW–Don’t you think Billy Joel looks a bit like a pug?

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A Pug and His Peanut Butter


‘Nuff said.


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Up Close and Personal


Sometimes I like to get back at Pablo for all he puts us through at mealtimes with his nonstop begging by photographing him when he’s trying to sleep. Here’s a shot of one disgruntled pug. Don’t worry, he’s asleep now and snoring away as only a pug can.

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We Went to the Dog Park

We recently discovered there’s a once-a-month pug meet-up at our local dog park. Saturday we went to our first one and, sure enough, there were a plethora of pugs milling around. It was a bit nippy and I was chagrined to find many of the dogs bundled up in warm sweaters. Pablo, alas, was coatless, although he didn’t seem to mind. Packed up somewhere in our new house are his winter woolies; I just haven’t uncovered them yet.  As it’s supposed to be in the 70s today, I’m not too concerned. But winter will soon be here so I’d better start searching. Sigh.

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