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Leaping Into Leap Year

Isn’t  this a great logo, and perfect for Leap Year 2012! Pugs Leap Farm in California makes goat cheese. Why the owners feature a pug and not a goat, I have no idea, but I’m glad they do.

For more leaping pugs, click this amazing video Minnie the Flying Pug. Wow, can that pooch jump. The NY Knicks should sign her up. In you’d like to watch more dogs in flight, check out this UK Huffington Post post.

Enjoy your extra day of February, everyone. And happy birthday to leapers! Any leaper pugs?


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My Vote Goes to Uggie

I haven’t seen all the Oscar nominated movies this year, but no matter. For my money the award for Best Supporting Actor should go to Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier that plays Jean Dujardin’s companion in The Artist. While I liked the film, it didn’t wow me–with the exception of Uggie’s star performance. Man, that little dog can steal a scene. Other people agree and have started a FaceBook “consider Uggie” campaign for users to voice their support. Hey, it worked for Betty White.

Like many a celebrity, Uggie didn’t have starring roles handed to him on a platter. In fact, his trainer rescued him from the pound after his first two owners rejected him for being too wild. That energy was put to good use on the set, where he appeared in commercials before graduating to films such as Like Water for Elephants.

Another dog performance worth mentioning is Cosmo’s, also a Jack Russell, from the film Beginners. Cosmo acted his heart out too, but I have to go with Uggie. Nearly ten, his acting days are winding down. Here’s hoping he’ll be making an appearance on Oscar night.

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I’ve Got Your Back

National Geographic’s website has some stunning photos of different dog breeds, all taken at this year’s Westminster Dog Show. There’s also an article on “How to Build a Dog,” a look at the reason why there is such a variety of dog shapes and sizes. Another article, “The Forever Dog,” examines the evolution of dogs and their connections to villages in Africa. All in all, this month’s National Geographic is a must read for dog lovers.

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Underwater Dogs

If you haven’t seen these underwater photos of dogs cavorting, take a look. Seth Casteel, a photographer living in LA, shot them using an expensive waterproof case for his camera. The cost nearly wiped him out, but the photos prove the expense was worth every penny. Read the Huffington Post article here or you can go straight to Casteel’s website to see even more stunning shots.

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We’ve Been Wormed!

Note to the Squeamish: If things like poop and the like turn your stomach, I advise you to read no further.

On Thursday I walked Pablo as usual and, like a responsible dog owner should, when he finished his business, I picked up after him. Good thing I looked down, for there squirming among the turds was a tiny white worm. I had a haircut appointment near the vet’s, so I packed up a sample and brought it along, meaning to drop it off first. I was running late, however, so Pablo’s poop came along with me to the salon. I had sealed it in a plastic baggie, yet I kept imagining I could smell it and was self-conscious whenever the stylist was in the vicinity of my bag. Finally, I made it to the vet’s. They tested it then and there. The verdict? Tapeworms.

The assistant explained that tapeworms come from fleas. The flea-ridden dog licks its fur, ingests both flea and the tapeworm egg it carries. The egg then hatches inside the dog and takes up residence. Pablo went through a terrible bout with fleas after Thanksgiving when we traveled to NC to see relatives and returned with the pesky parasites (the fleas, not the family). According to the vet, the timing is perfect to see the tapeworms right about now. Damn those NC fleas!

Luckily, only one treatment is needed to kill the tapeworms. Pablo got his and I’m hoping that’s the last of it. I’m glad I spotted the worm when I did or we may not have known of their existence for a long time. One of the signs for tapeworms is an increased appetite. With Pablo, would we have ever noticed?


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Second Time’s the Charm

After losing Best in Show last year to a Scottish deerhound, Malachy the Pekingese experienced the sweet smell of success, winning the title at Westminster, the fourth time for this pipsqueak breed. A crowd favorite and a member of the Toy Group, Malachy beat a German Shepherd, Dalmatian, Doberman pinscher, Irish setter, Kerry blue terrier, and wire-haired dachshund to claim the silver bowl.

I rooted for Malachy last year and was disappointed when he lost. Maybe because of that, I didn’t expect him to win. I’d pegged the Doberman as top pooch, mostly for his streamlined body and the magnificent way he moved. But then all the dogs paraded around the floor really well, each in his/her own unique fashion. The Dalmatian and Doberman had athletic strides and the Irish setter moved like a dancer. Then there was the German Shepherd’s loping gait, the Kerry blue’s swagger, the dachshund’s frantic shuffle, and the Peke’s unmistakable waddle.

In other news, demonstrators held a protest outside Madison Square Garden, where the dog show is held, up in arms at Republican candidate Mitt Romney. What had he done to rile dog lovers? Apparently Romney once strapped a crate containing his Irish setter, Seamus, to the top of his car while driving from Boston to Canada. (You’d think with all his money he could afford better transportation for his pooch.) The dog wasn’t harmed and Romney claims Seamus enjoys riding this way, but the Dogs Against Romney group isn’t buying it. They held up signs proclaiming “I Ride Inside” and “Dogs Aren’t Luggage”.

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Westminster, Day One

Captain Crunch aka Capi

What an exciting opening night of the Westminster Dog Show. Pablo was snuggled between Grandma and me as we watched the first four groups parade around the arena. I didn’t have a favorite for the first group up, the Hounds (although the basset was mighty cute), but I picked the winner for the next three! (As proof I have my twitter account. I tweated my pick during the commercial break before the judge announced the winner.) FYI–a wire-haired dachshund won the group (the only bitch among last night’s winners), thrilling my mother, a dachshund groupie.

For the toy group, I fell in love with Malachy the Peke, last year’s winner and still the same amazing regal ball of fur. I know, isn’t the pug part of the toy group? Yes, indeedy, but while this year’s pug was a charmer, I wasn’t taken with the total package.

Non-Sporting was up next, a grab bag of dogs leftover from the other six groups. The second I saw the Dalmatian I sensed he’d be the winner. The dog was stunning with crisp black spots against a snowy base coat. He was showing his heart out so I was thrilled when he won.

The last group of the night were the Herders. My first dog–at age five–was a German Shepherd so I love this breed that boasts some of the smartest dogs around. I always root for the GS, but this year’s dog, Captain Crunch (I even love the name), was a favorite to win and he didn’t disappoint.

Now I’m stuck with a dilemma of which one to root for tonight for Best in Show. And there are still three more groups to decide–Working, Sporting, and Terrier. Stop by tomorrow for my decision and to see if I chose correctly.

UPDATE: I didn’t choose a pooch for the Sporting Group. None jumped out at me, although I liked the winner, an Irish setter. I chose the Scottie for the Terrier Group, but it didn’t make the cut. The Kerry blue won. For the Working Group, I loved the Newfoundland, but I went with the Doberman and it won the breed. So for the seven groups, I picked four correctly, not too shabby. For Best in Show, I thought the Doberman would take the silver bowl, but it when to the Peke. Pablo was very happy.

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