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History Is Going to the Dogs

If you want a chuckle, visit Canine Chronicles to see images of dogs dressed as companions of historical figures. (The one of Steve Job’s dog alone is worth the click.) The jaunty pug, pictured above, is Charlie Chaplin’s best friend.

The website is the brainchild of three sisters, who pooled their talents to retell historical moments through the viewpoints of dogs. The end result of their collaboration will be a book featuring photos of the gussied-up dogs in period costumes along with fictional tales of their contributions. You can also read more about the project at ABC News.


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Fair warning: The two videos below are hard to watch, but worth it. I saw the first one on the website for Ardmore Animal Hospital, which is where we take Pablo. The staff at the hospital saved the life of a dog, badly injured and near death because he had been used as a bait dog. He’d been tied up so that dogs raised to fight could attack him. When the dogs were through, he was left to die. Amazingly he didn’t, although he required extensive surgery to repair his torn-apart face. Recuperating at the hospital, he met a family who fell in love with him and gave him a home.

Oogy (an affectionate  derivative of “ugly”) went through so much suffering, yet what’s most remarkable about him is how loving he is.

Oogy on Oprah:

A book trailer for Oogy

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A Message for These Troubling Times

If you want your own print, you can find one at TheLobsterPot on etsy.

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Yeah! It Passed!

Good work Missouri voters! Thanks to you Proposition B was approved. Under the measure commercial breeders are allowed no more than 50 dogs to breed. The dogs must have adequate living spaces and are required to be examined yearly by a vet. It’s hard to believe that the measure only narrowly passed.

In our home state of PA, once known as the puppy mill capital of the East, new laws, some of the toughest in the nation, have resulted in a steep drop of these animal factories. This year the state is down to 111 puppy mills. In 2009 there were 303. Let’s hope the same decline now takes place in Missouri!

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There’s Still Time!

Pablo would like to remind everyone to get out there and vote. And if you’re a Missouri voter, he’s asking you to vote yes on Proposition B and help put an end to animal cruelty in puppy mills. Would you want your mother living in a stacked cage with a wire floor?

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Stats on Dog Attacks

First an update. The owners of the dog that attacked my sister had installed an electronic fence. However, the dog’s collar was broken. The owners knew this and continued to let the dog out. Not very smart people.

Researching dog attacks, I learned some interesting statistics. The following are from the ASPCA’s website.

  • More than 70 percent of all dog bite cases involve unneutered male dogs.
  • An unneutered male dog is 2.6 times more likely to bite than is a neutered dog.
  • A chained or tethered dog is 2.8 times more likely to bite than a dog who is not chained or tethered.
  • 97 percent of dogs involved in fatal dog attacks in 2006 were not spayed/neutered:
  • 78 percent were maintained not as pets, but rather for guarding, image enhancement, fighting or breeding.
  • 84 percent were maintained by reckless owners—these dogs were abused or neglected, not humanely controlled or contained, or allowed to interact with children unsupervised.

Now, what about breeds? That unleashes (sorry) a storm of controversy, not surprisingly, with owners of the more dangerous breeds (pit bulls and Rottweilers being the top offenders) upset to have their dogs singled out with breed-specific laws. Full disclosure, of my three sisters two own dogs. One has a pit bull terrier, the other a Rottweiler. Both animals are very sweet and gentle, although the pit bull does not play well with other dogs. Once my sister realized this, she kept her well away from other dogs.

Instead of going after specific breeds (with the dangers being that the troublesome dogs go into hiding while responsible owners of good dogs are unfairly punished ), I agree with the ASPCA’s position, which is to hold owners accountable to the actions of their dogs, whatever the breed. I say amen to that.


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Cave Canem

The NY Times had an interesting article this past Thursday. It was about how stray dogs have multiplied among the ruins in Pompeii, Italy. An adoption program was started last November, and so far 22 have found homes. The dogs are given ancient Roman names such as Sallustius, Diomedes, and Mulvia.

I can attest to the many strays at Pompeii. In July of 2006 I visited the site and was struck by the number of dogs wandering around the ancient streets. Some became the unofficial mascots of the archaeology students working there. If you look closely at a shot I took, you’ll see one of these dogs making itself at home among the students.

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