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And We’re Back!

Question: Why does NC have to be so damn far from Pennsylvania? Our trip to the Tar Heel State was wonderful in every other way. The Thanksgiving repast was expertly prepared by my bro-in-law. K and I enjoyed long talks with family and long walks in the area’s plentiful parks. And who doesn’t look forward to sleeping on an air mattress? The traveling, on the other hand, was horrendous. Our trip down took ten hours, and we spent most of Virginia in traffic. Of course, this was the day before Thanksgiving, so it was to be expected. However, add a pug to the mix–and one who doesn’t care for cars, especially nonmoving ones–and the fun only intensifies.

Pablo was a trooper and behaved pretty well, considering he was stuck in the crowded back seat. On the trip back, he came up front for the last leg and seemed to prefer being close to us. His stay with the petsitter went well by all accounts, but it’s always nice to be back with your peeps.

As Dorothy put it so well, “There’s no place like home.”

Our Thanksgiving Menu


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National Turkey Day

Once again we’re off to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with family. Last year, we boarded Pablo and he shared his turkey with Petey the Pig.

This year we’re trying something new and taking him with us to NC. He can’t stay with us, though, because my sister and brother-in-law’s pooch doesn’t get along with other dogs. (She’s a sweetie in every other way.) So Pablo will spend Thanksgiving with a friend of theirs who lives nearby. This cuts down on the time Pablo has to spend away from us, and if any problems crop up (not that I’m expecting them too!), we’ll be right there.

We’ll be back next week with tales (tails?) of our adventures. Until then, have a great Thanksgiving and remember to save some leftovers for your best friend.


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Pinterest Pugs

I recently got sucked into Pinterest, an online bulletin board. One of my boards, naturally, features pugs. Here are the images I’ve collected so far. Click here. Here’s a general pug board.

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Three out of Four

A new voice has appeared on the blogosphere’s horizon. My sister now posts about the upper reaches of NYC at Uptown Girl. She’s lived north of Harlem for more than twenty years and knows the area like the back of her hand. It’s also where she works as a realtor, finding the best nests for intrepid renters.

I’m one of four sisters, and now three of us are bloggers. (Our mother also blogs at Born Before the Boom.) ┬áThe youngest sister, a blogger with a capital B, started posting in 2006. For years, I made fun of blogs and blogging in general and never read hers. (Sorry, Brigindo!) Then, I caught the blogging bug and discovered I loved it, so much so that I started a second blog focusing on children’s books. Now there is one non-blogging sister left. L has many interest and talents, among them martial arts (which she teaches) and cooking (her livelihood). She also has two children. So she has plenty to blog about. Maybe she’ll catch the blogging bug.


Two of my brothers-in-law blog: One at Ichiban Weapon Ready and the other at Paddling Otaku.

My daughter blogs about design in fits and starts at Cool, Couture and Everything In Between.

My husband blogs occasionally at Pining’ for the Fjords.

Who are the bloggers in your family?


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Mr. Handsome


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And Your Little Dog Too!

Oh, no! The Wicked Witch of Pennsylvania has Pablo in her evil clutches. Save him!


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