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And the Winner Is…


And the frog wins it! The votes have been tallied with 13 for the frog and 10 for the caterpillar. Pablo will greet the trick-or-treaters who traipse to our door in his frog costume. Maybe he will meet a princess who will kiss him and turn him back into the prince of pugs.

Thanks to all who voted!!!



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Please Vote!

IMG_3249 IMG_3269

We have a tough decision to make in the next few days and I’d like my readers’ help. PetSmart was having a fantastic sale on Halloween costumes–75 percent off!–and so I bought two. (I would have bought more, but K was with me and couldn’t understand why I was buying even two. Men!)

Pablo graciously modeled both–the gayly colored caterpillar and the more subdued frog. Which will it be for Halloween? Whichever costume gets the most votes decides the matter. Cast your ballot today.

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Dogs Are People, Too (Obviously!)


Photographer Ralph Hargarten shot the amazing photo of this dignified pug. Hargarten’s project, A Dog’s Life, can be viewed here. The expressive portraits really capture each dog’s personality. Hargarten’s dogs aren’t the familiar tail-wagging, grinning pups you see on greeting cards. These animals are thoughtful souls, full of gravitas.

A fascinating study featuring dogs and questioning whether they have human-like emotions appeared in a recent New York Times article. Titled, Dogs Are People, Too,” the findings suggest what every true dog lover already knows: that dogs are capable of feeling love and attachment. Duh! Just one look at the soulful mug pictured above would tell you that. Still, it’s always nice when science backs up art.

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Frolicking Pug


Some people mistakenly think that pugs aren’t athletic, but actually they can zig and zag very well. In his heyday, Pablo was impossible to catch. He still likes to be chased, but sadly it’s very easy to grab him now. I don’t like to hurt his self-esteem, though, so I pretend that he’s a live wire and don’t tag him right away.

The pup above is in his prime. You can seem more animal photos–some unbelievably touching–at the Atlantic’s Animals in the News series. Thanks to K for the link!


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