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Miss Rita and Roses

Thursday was the four year anniversary of my first date with K. Here’s Rita posing next to the dozen roses he gave me to commemorate that momentous occasion.


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Last weekend my niece (11) and nephew (8) visited for a few days. On Friday we took them to the Reading Public Museum. Its dinosaur exhibit was a hit. Life-size animatronic models track your every movement and emit gut-wrenching bellows, snorts, and roars. It was like being an extra in Jurassic Park. A highlight was seeing doting parents hold their little ones up to the prehistoric reptiles, apparently to hear them scream and cry in terror. What fun!


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Pimple Puss

Pablo is way past adolescence, yet lately he’s been plagued by unsightly zits. How do I get rid of them? Clearasil?


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Happy Days Ahead

The long, hot days of summer have curtailed Pablo’s activities. But he won’t be bored much longer. In two days my niece and nephew, ages 11 and 8, will be here to run him ragged. If I gaze in my crystal ball, I see a future of dropped hot dogs to retrieve, sticky ice-cream covered faces to lick, and small laps to snuggle on.


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