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Green Pug???

When you think of a green pug, you probably imagine one of our smushy-face friends dressed up in a Saint Patrick’s day outfit or one that is ecologically-minded like Puglet, the star of last year’s video “Green Pug Recycles.”

Bet you don’t picture a moth, though. In fact, the moth pictured to the left is a genuine Green Pug, a member of the Geometridae family. Go figure.


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The Power of Poop

Leave it to an artist to come up with a creative solution to dog waste. Matthew Mazzotta harnesses the potential energy in dog poop and uses it to power a lamp in a Cambridge, Massachusetts park. Called Project Park Spark, here’s how it works.

Participants in the program collect their dogs’ output in biodegradable bags and toss them into a vacuum-like container. Bacteria break down the poop into various byproducts, the most important of which is methane. The methane is then used as an energy source to power a gas lamppost in the park.

And now, if you excuse me, I have to go walk Pablo. No shit!


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