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Robin Williams, Pug Lover


Of all the tributes pouring in to social media sites, it’s strange to see how many fans primarily remember Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire or as the voice of Aladdin. To me, he was Mork from the planet Ork. It was obvious even then, though, that the small screen could never contain his genius.

As I was reading up on him, I was surprised to learn that Williams was a fellow pugophile. In 2010, he adopted a pug from Curly Tail Pug Rescue. The pug was the only surviving pup from a litter born to a mother rescued from a puppy mill. Williams rechristened the pug Leonard Bean, aka Lenny, and was often spotted in his neighborhood walking his new friend. The Bark has a short piece on Williams and Lenny which you can read here. Perhaps the best way you can honor the memory of Williams’ is to adopt a rescue pug and give it a forever home. 


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Take Your Pug to Work Day!


Okay, so it’s Take Your Dog to Work Day. But in my house every weekday is Take Your Pug to Work. That’s because as I sit in my office pounding away at the keyboard Pablo is my faithful companion. As I type this he is at my feet, spread eagle on the floor inches from my chair. I have to remember he’s there or else I sometimes roll onto him. When I’ve done that a few times, he staggers to his paws and goes to his bed, pictured above.

A loyal assistant, he always manages to wake up at lunchtime to help me eat my sandwich. Then it’s back to the grind of getting in a full day’s sleep. When K returns from his job, Pablo is there to greet him. His work day complete, he follows K to the kitchen for a well-earned snack.



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The Year of the Pug



I coulda been a contender!

According to Buzzfeed, 2013 was the year of the pug. Click here to read their post of 13 noteworthy pugs. How Pablo missed the list I’ll never know. Thanks to my NC sister for the link.

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Frolicking Pug


Some people mistakenly think that pugs aren’t athletic, but actually they can zig and zag very well. In his heyday, Pablo was impossible to catch. He still likes to be chased, but sadly it’s very easy to grab him now. I don’t like to hurt his self-esteem, though, so I pretend that he’s a live wire and don’t tag him right away.

The pup above is in his prime. You can seem more animal photos–some unbelievably touching–at the Atlantic’s Animals in the News series. Thanks to K for the link!


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BJ and Sabrina


by Christian Oth for The New York Times

Hey, pug lovers, this photo of Billy Joel posing with his pug Sabrina is from an article in Sunday’s New York Times. K is a big-time motorcycle enthusiast and has been on the fence about getting a sidecar for his Airhead. This photo made up his mind, so soon you might see Pablo sitting pretty in his very own sidecar. Of course, he’ll be wearing a pair of Doggles!

BTW–Don’t you think Billy Joel looks a bit like a pug?

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Naming Your Best Friend


Today’s New York Times has an interesting article on the art of naming dogs. Some suggestions include:

1. Stick to names of one or two syllables.

2. Names that end in in a long vowel or a short “a” are good.

3. Include a hard consonant like a “k” to get the dog’s attention. (Apparently dogs hear these better.)

4. Eschew trendy names.

5. Uncommon names, though, stand out.

6. Pick a name you’re willing to repeat. A lot.

So how does Pablo’s name stack up? Well, it aces suggestions one and two. As for numbers four and five, his name certainly isn’t trendy, and it does stand out at the dog park. (I’ve never met another dog named Pablo. Have you?) And I like the way it sounds, so it’s a go for suggestion six as well. The only criteria his name doesn’t match is a hard consonant sound. So I’m thinking of changing his name. Pabko! Here, Pabko!

If you’re interested in learning how Pablo got his name, click here for an earlier post.

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And the Winner Is…


c Fred R. Conrad/New York Times

Well, a member of the Toy Group won Westminster, but it wasn’t a pug (alas). Banana Joe, a monkey-faced affenpinscher, stole the show, and I have to admit he gave it his all as he trotted around the ring with the other six finalists: a Portuguese water dog, a bichon frise, an American foxhound, an Old English sheepdog, a fox terrier, and a German wire-haired pointer. While I liked Banana Joe, I was rooting for Oakley (the pointer). Long ago, in another life, I had a German shorthair pointer so perhaps I’m sentimental for the breed, but I did think Oakley was a magnificent specimen.

Pablo watched the show with me both nights, but once he saw the pug was out of the running, he lost interest and conked out on the end of the couch, dreaming no doubt of a year when a pug again snags top honors. FYI–Last time was in 1981.

This year’s Best of Breed pug, JJ, is a handsome fellow who placed fourth, not al all shabby. Here’s a photo:



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