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Out for a Stroll


Now that Pablo is getting up there in age, I don’t have to worry about him when he’s off leash. I can let him amble where he wants and just follow behind him. When he was a pup, he’d dart off if something caught his eye, and, being a pug, wouldn’t come when called. Now, though, he’s easy enough to catch. Besides, he’s usually content to stay put. The old wanderlust is gone.

Here is is in the park on a recent Sunday.


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New Friends


This past Labor Day weekend, Karl and I celebrated our anniversary (two years!) by escaping to a fabulous retreat in upstate NY, not far from our old stomping grounds in Beacon. The retreat was a horse farm with 23 grass-munching equines. While we didn’t go riding, we did nuzzle up to our new friends and I fed carrots to quite a number of them.

While K toured the area’s sites and visited a museum devoted exclusively to old motorcycles, I took advantage of yoga classes held in a converted barn on the property.

IMG_3145One of the things I liked best about the sessions was the relaxed atmosphere. As we did our Downward Dogs we got to see the real thing in action; the owner’s dog, Buddha, attended all the classes and liked to cosy up to people as they stretched or relaxed on their mats.


Buddha, a Wheaton terrier, was a truly great dog, friendly and full of spirit, yet never a pest. I wish we could have brought Pablo along with us. He would have enjoyed romping around the 200 plus acres (Well, okay, he’d sniff a few horse posts and then settle down near the dining room to wait for scraps.). Speaking of which, the food was delicious, each and every bite. We came back spoiled and well rested.

And a special shout-out to my mom for taking such good care of Pablo. She even managed to get him to go down the back stairs, something we’d given up hope of ever seeing again.

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Last weekend my niece (11) and nephew (8) visited for a few days. On Friday we took them to the Reading Public Museum. Its dinosaur exhibit was a hit. Life-size animatronic models track your every movement and emit gut-wrenching bellows, snorts, and roars. It was like being an extra in Jurassic Park. A highlight was seeing doting parents hold their little ones up to the prehistoric reptiles, apparently to hear them scream and cry in terror. What fun!


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Like A Puppy Again!

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Thanks to everyone who sent Pablo birthday wishes! He had a fun-filled birthday weekend packed with a steak BBQ, presents, and a trip to the dog park in our new town. We were impressed with the dog park and overjoyed to see Pablo running around like a pup. In our last dog park Pablo spent all his time sniffing and marking territory. Here the minute he was out of the truck he took off. The difference appears to be that this dog park is grass and level unlike our old uneven gravel/dirt dog park.  We’re looking forward to many more romps here.


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A Taste of Italy

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You didn’t think you’d escape seeing a slideshow of our trip, did you? Above are some of the highlights we experienced during our magical week in Florence.


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Carlino = Pug in Italian

We’re off! K and I are leaving today for a delayed honeymoon to Florence, Italy. For the first half of the week K will be in business meetings, but then we get a few days to ourselves. While K has his nose to the grindstone, I’ll be off seeing the sights, sipping expresso, and dining at trattorias.

Yesterday we dropped Pablo off at the house of one of K’s co-workers. She has four pugs of her own plus a rescue pug, so I know Pablo will be in excellent hands. In fact, I’m a little bit worried he might prefer to stay there when we pick him up next week. Five pug friends, a cat-free house, and an enormous backyard, that’s some stiff competition!

Coming home to a pug-free house last night was hard. I miss the little fellow already (though not the begging at the table). See you soon, Paolo! Ciao!

Like the Italian carlino flag? Pick up the tee shirt at Cafe Press.


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Sunday in the Park with Pablo

Okay, make that Saturday.

I recently learned about a dog park not too far from us (about a 10 minute drive) that opened in November. Since getting Pablo, we’ve never been near a conveniently-located dog park. When I lived in Jersey City, the local park kept promising one, but it never delivered. That meant that except for pug meet-ups, Pablo never had a chance to mingle off leash with his canine friends.

This dog park looks like it will fit the bill. It has two fenced in areas, one for large dog and one for the small guys. The only downside is that you do need a car to get there.

When K and I first arrived, Pablo was the lone dog. That soon changed. It was a bright, sunny day, and the dogs had a blast running around and chasing each other. Pablo, as one of  the smaller dogs was a little out of his league. But he had a grand time sniffing around and being petted and fussed over by the other dog owners (he prefers people to dogs anyway).

We will definitely be back!

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