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Chilling Juxtaposition

In this video, Wang Yue, a two-year-old, is run over by not one, but two, vans, both drivers continuing on their way. Passers-by on this busy road in China ignore the bleeding child, until a woman finally stops and aids the toddler after at least 18 people went by without raising a finger. Outcome: Child dies.

In this video, a stray dog risks its life to save another dog that has been hit by a car on a busy highway in Chile. Outcome: Both dogs survive.



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A Taste of Italy

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You didn’t think you’d escape seeing a slideshow of our trip, did you? Above are some of the highlights we experienced during our magical week in Florence.


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What Next?

K sent me a post from Neatorama about a new fad in China–people dyeing their pets to resemble wild animals, like the panda/dog (I think it’s a chow) in the above photo. Whatever floats your boat, right?

It got me wondering what wild animal Pablo resembles. Maybe if we dyed his fur gray, he’d look a bit like a Koala? What do you think?

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Happy Endings

I don’t know about you, but when I read about cruelty inflicted on dogs, my faith in the human race falters. Unfortunately, there is way too much of that kind of news, so I was heartened to read about a dog rescued in Japan, three weeks after the tsunami hit. Stranded out at sea, the dog survived by walking across the floating rubble, scrounging for scraps. Spotted by helicopter, a rescue team took the time to help the pooch. Think about it. With all the devastation around them, the team went out of their way to save one canine life. Amazing.

Another heartening story from Japan illustrates the loyalty of dogs. A spaniel led a TV crew to his injured companion, and remained by the dog’s side for another hour. Finally the pair were separated so that the injured dog could receive care from a nearby vet. The hero dog was taken to a shelter.

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Let Your Doggy Do the Walking–and Shopping

Photo from CEN

Deng Deng the sheepdog lives–and shops–in Changsha, China. His owner has trained the one-year-old pooch to go grocery shopping. Deng Deng trots off with money and a list tucked into one of the two shopping bags that hang from a specially-built harness. After the order has been filled at a local shop, back home he goes with his bags of grocercies.

There’s a slim, okay very slim, chance Pablo could be trained to go to our nearby 7-11. But come back with all those goodies? No way.

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Home Again, Home Again Jiggity-Jig

We’re back! And what a trip it was. Wednesday morning, bright and early, we dropped off Pablo with the sitter. He trotted off into the kitchen in search of treats without a backward glance. Ah gratitude your name is pug.

Then we took to the road, and except for a stretch in Virginia when we hit traffic, it was smooth sailing. In NC, we stayed with K’s brother and sister-in-law and their two darling offspring. Now I am not a big fan of children (as my daughter will attest), but these kids were cute. The girl, M, just turned 5, and holds lofty ambitions. She wants to be an astronaut, a doctor, and a princess when she grows up, and with the energy and will power she possesses, I’m sure she’ll succeed. The boy, O, is a toddler, very sweet and good-natured. Like my nephews at that age, he loves anything with wheels. After our Thanksgiving repast, their parents left them with us while they  took in a movie. After countless games of hide-and-seek and puppet shows, K and I were exhausted, but the children, bless them, were still going strong.

The day after Thanksgiving we visited my sister, T, and her husband, B. As an added bonus I saw my nephew, on break from college. B unfortunately had to head off to work (he works retail and it was Black Friday), but the rest of us had a delicious lunch at a local restaurant. Afterward we went for a much-needed two-hour walk. My sister’s dog, Pupzilla, led the way. Pupzilla is a year or two older than Pablo and still remarkably spry. Here she is standing guard while my nephew sleeps. Note her festive bow.

That night we had a fantastic dinner of Thanksgiving leftovers (B is a wonderful cook) that included all the usual suspects, as well as copious amounts of wine, an apple cobbler, and homemade ice cream. Yum!

We left the next morning, our backs a bit sore after a restless night on a rapidly deflating air mattress, and headed for home. A mere 9 hours later, we pulled into the sitter’s driveway to claim Pablo. Inside there were about seven or so dogs, big and small, all barking. It seemed a madhouse, but  the sitter remarked how much calmer things were now that several other dogs had left! She handed Pablo over to me, exclaiming how much she and her family loved him (naturally). Pablo, however, seemed pretty anxious to leave. He was trembling in my arms and didn’t stop until we were out of the truck and inside. On familiar ground again, he raced around like a maniac, barking for joy.

Like Dorothy said, “Oh, Auntie Em, there’s no place like home.”

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Lady Lily

This past Friday was my daughter’s 25th birthday (that’s 175 in dog years, Pablo reminded me), and I took a trip to NYC to visit with her. We had a manicure, ate sushi in a Japanese restaurant, and caught up on each other’s lives. I also got the chance to see my grandkitty, Lady Lily (see above). It was wonderful to spend time with E and also to be back in NYC, my old stomping grounds.

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