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Downward Pug

I started yoga a few months ago, and one of the standard poses, as many of you might already know, is Downward Dog. In the pose your body forms an inverted V, with hands and feet on the floor and hips thrust up. If you’re curious how the pose got its name, click on the video.

Pablo usually starts his day with a similar stretch. Next time I’ll have my camera ready so I can capture it.

Downward Dog Pose from Wikipedia


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Head Tilt 101


Always interested in taking better shots of my favorite four-legged friends, I recently perused a post about canine photography. You can read it here. Don’t bother if you only take shots of pugs. The post is all about how to capture the head tilt. It offers practical advice such as making puppy sounds, asking enticing questions, and using animal noise apps. All very nice, but as any pugophile knows, there’s no difficulty at all in getting a pug to tilt his noggin. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to get him to stop. Pablo cocks his head at the drop of a hat.

Why is it that a pug’s head so naturally gravitates sideways? My theory is that they know they look super adorable and therefore are more likely to be rewarded with a tasty treat. What’s yours?


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We Were Blobbed!

Yesterday K and I ambled over to the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville to watch that 1958 B movie classic, The Blob, with Steve McQueen in his first starring role. The Colonial, a restored  1903 theater, has the dubious distinction of being featured in the film. Near the end of the movie, the blob oozes through the vents, surprising Colonial patrons who are watching a horror movie on the screen. The crowd pours out the front door, but not before the blob devours some unfortunate laggers. Phoenixville puts on an annual BlogFest to commemorate the film. On Friday, the festival’s opening, movie patrons reenacted the scene, running out of the theater in mock fear.

Watching the movie was a hoot. I used to catch it on TV when I was a kid. It seemed to always be on then, but I hadn’t seen it in years and so it was like watching it for the first time. Steve McQueen, age 27 when it was filmed, is supposed to be 17 in the movie. Huh? I guess if audiences can swallow that, they can find it credible that able-bodied people couldn’t escape from a slow moving mass of jelly.

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Chin Rest

With temps in the high 90s for the past week and no central AC in our new house, Pablo has abandoned his comfy bed in favor of the much cooler wood floors. His bed has a bolstered headrest, though, and since puppyhood, Pablo prefers sleeping with his chin elevated. What’s a pug to do? His solution is to use the dining room chair or the lower shelf of the coffee table. Whatever floats your boat!

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Off to the Races!

Phoenixville hosted its first bike race–part of the Chesco Grand Prix–this past Saturday, and K and I toddled down to Bridge and Main Street, folding chairs in tow, to snag a prime viewing spot. With temperatures in the high 90s most of the day we left Pablo home dozing in front of the fan. A wheezing, panting pug is not a pretty sight. The premier pro race (the last of nine races) went for two hours, as the cyclists zipped around town in a 1.3 mile loop thirty-two times. One hundred entrants started and, by my count, less than twenty finished. Did I mention the temps were in the 90s?

Here they come….

And there they go…

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