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Carlino = Pug in Italian

We’re off! K and I are leaving today for a delayed honeymoon to Florence, Italy. For the first half of the week K will be in business meetings, but then we get a few days to ourselves. While K has his nose to the grindstone, I’ll be off seeing the sights, sipping expresso, and dining at trattorias.

Yesterday we dropped Pablo off at the house of one of K’s co-workers. She has four pugs of her own plus a rescue pug, so I know Pablo will be in excellent hands. In fact, I’m a little bit worried he might prefer to stay there when we pick him up next week. Five pug friends, a cat-free house, and an enormous backyard, that’s some stiff competition!

Coming home to a pug-free house last night was hard. I miss the little fellow already (though not the begging at the table). See you soon, Paolo! Ciao!

Like the Italian carlino flag? Pick up the tee shirt at Cafe Press.



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Trashed Puppy Back on Its Feet

Cold cockles? Warm your heart by reading this tale of a deformed puppy rescued from the trash. Harper, a pit bull, was born with “swimmer puppy syndrome,” a condition that didn’t allow her to hold up her head or walk. After being rescued, vets agreed the only option was to euthanize the poor thing. A volunteer at the animal shelter decided to take the puppy home so that she could experience at least one night of affection in her short, unhappy life. The volunteer massaged the puppy’s limbs to alleviate her discomfort. The amazing result? Harper lifted her head and tried to walk. Encouraged, the woman brought Harper to a different vet, who, after tests were run, determined that Harper stood a chance. With therapy the dog learned to walk on different surfaces and is now almost ready to be adopted! Read the full story here.

Thanks to Joan for bringing the story to my attention.

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Odds and Ends

Saw this biker dude outside a funky shop in downtown Philly. Where’s his helmet?

Loved this regal statue. Look closely and tell me what (besides the mane) clues you in that this lion is male. Wowsaz!

We had a break-and-enter the other day. Apparently the kibble in the cat food dish was low so one (or both) of the cats decided to take matters into their own paws. We haven’t zeroed in on the culprit yet, but rest assured Officer Pablo is on the case.

And finally, the winner of the 2011 Hambone Award, a national contest that seeks out the pet with the most unusual medical insurance claim, goes to Harley the pug who downed more than 100 rocks and lived to tell the tale. Congrats, Harley, and here’s hoping your rock pooping days are all in the past.

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Jumping Through Hoops

Pablo certainly earned his treat today. In my other capacity–as a book reviewer of kid’s books over at The Cath in the Hat–I reviewed a wonderful interactive book for kids, The Book with a Hole. To illustrate its appeal, I corralled Pablo into demonstrating one of its spreads that asks the question: “What’s going to jump out?” Pablo did a fine job of jumping through a pretend hoop of fire, don’t you think?


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Vintage Pug


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Matching His-and-Her Pugs

K and I received so many thoughtful wedding gifts that we will be writing thank-you cards into the new year. The one that especially tugged at our heartstrings has to do with–you guessed it–pugs, or more specifically, Pablo. First some background info. A while back a dear friend wrote that she was having trouble finding a wedding gift for the two of us. Her daughter (one of my bridesmaids) suggested a number of ideas, but they related to only one of us. The suggestions had to do with motorcycles (K), coffee (me), and pugs (me). I jokingly wrote back to say that the perfect gift would be coffee mugs imprinted with a pug riding a motorcycle.

The day after our wedding, K and I opened our presents and–Voila!– we unwrapped the mugs you see pictured above. I later discovered the amount of work entailed and I am even more humbled. My friend’s husband (an artist) tracked down the exact motorcycle model preferred by K via his website, added a photo of Pablo that he had photoshopped, and included an original logo he had designed for K’s bike shop. Then he had the digital image transferred to the mugs through a commercial photography site.

K and I will be drinking from these mugs for years to come (me coffee and K juice), and each time we do we’ll be thinking of our wonderful, thoughtful friends.

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Pugs + Motorcycles = Don’t Mix

K and I are big fans of both pugs and motorcycles. We even briefly thought of combining the two and getting a sidecar so Pablo could go along on rides. Wisely, calmer heads prevailed and we realized he wouldn’t enjoy whizzing down highways with the wind licking through his fur. He barely tolerates cars.

But we would NEVER do what a Tuckerton, NJ man was caught doing–driving home on his motorcycle with his pug Bosco on his lap.  To add insult to injury he was riding in the rain. Cops charged him with animal cruelty and he was issued citations for careless driving and improper transportation of an animal. The rider didn’t sound remorseful in the least. He admitted to driving this way for years.

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