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A Writer and Her Pug


I saw this photo of Donna Tartt (author of The Little Friend) and Pongo, her pug, online and just had to post it. Check out Flavorwire’s other photos of famous writers at home. Sorry, folks, this is the only one that features a pug, but catch the one of Edward Gorey draped with cats. There’s also an eye-opening shot of Hemingway in bed wearing nothing but the New York Times.


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From Pablo to You: Happy V Day!


As you can see, Pablo is getting ready for Valentine’s Day. He’s feeling the love today. Hope you are too!

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And the Winner Is…


c Fred R. Conrad/New York Times

Well, a member of the Toy Group won Westminster, but it wasn’t a pug (alas). Banana Joe, a monkey-faced affenpinscher, stole the show, and I have to admit he gave it his all as he trotted around the ring with the other six finalists: a Portuguese water dog, a bichon frise, an American foxhound, an Old English sheepdog, a fox terrier, and a German wire-haired pointer. While I liked Banana Joe, I was rooting for Oakley (the pointer). Long ago, in another life, I had a German shorthair pointer so perhaps I’m sentimental for the breed, but I did think Oakley was a magnificent specimen.

Pablo watched the show with me both nights, but once he saw the pug was out of the running, he lost interest and conked out on the end of the couch, dreaming no doubt of a year when a pug again snags top honors. FYI–Last time was in 1981.

This year’s Best of Breed pug, JJ, is a handsome fellow who placed fourth, not al all shabby. Here’s a photo:



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A Pug and His Peanut Butter


‘Nuff said.


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Look What Came in the Mail!


Is Pablo getting spoiled or what! Now his favorite mailman has taken to leaving dog biscuits in our mailbox. Today Pablo gobbled his mailbox treats and then, when we ran into the mailman on our morning walk, he scarfed two more. Was the greediest pug on earth satisfied? No. He proceeded to accost every man he met, expecting more treats.


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Phoenixville Pablo Predicts Six More Weeks of Winter


Happy Groundpug Day! Yep, it’s that time of year again. And while Pablo didn’t see his friend the mailman on his walk today (translation: no treat), he did see his shadow loud and clear.* And we all know what that means–six more weeks of winter. Sorry, folks!

Some groundhog named Phil in Punxsutawney didn’t see his shadow, so the media is reporting that spring will come early.  Why the discrepancy? Well, it could be that poor Punxsutawney Phil was poked and prodded to leave his comfy den in the wee hours of the morning. Phoenixville Pablo didn’t venture outside until the much more civilized hour of  9 AM.

(*Full disclosure: The photo is from last year. I forgot my camera on this morning’s outing.)


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