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Canal Day

Yesterday was Canal Day in our neck of the woods. We’re lucky to live within walking distance of one of the few working locks in PA, located along the Schuylkill River. K and I strolled over to partake of the festivities. We left Pablo at home since the weather was on the humid side and on Saturday, when we tried to take him on a hiking trail, he lasted all of a dozen steps before turning around and hightailing it to the truck. Oh, well, there’s no arguing with a pug.

At Canal Day we did meet this little beauty. She obligingly stopped to pose for her picture.

Then we saw a demonstration of the lock opening.

The day ended with a log joust as contestants battled to ┬ástay out of the muddy canal water. I did my best, but I couldn’t convince K to enter. Maybe next year.


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Hockey Pug

An empty cream cheese container proved irresistible to Pablo, who licked it clean and then carried it around as a face shield. Perhaps he expected Wayne Gretzky to drop by and didn’t want to get hit by an errant puck.


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Bath Day

Yesterday Pablo received a much needed bath, the first in the new house. While the sink here is deeper than the one in our last abode, it’s a double sink so there’s not much wiggle room. Okay, there’s no wiggle room. Pablo was a sport and helped out by propping his front paws on the divider. After a good lather and rinse off, we had a clean pug again.


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One Zonked Out Pug

Pablo lucked out and got an extra walk today when I took him with me to run some errands. Quite a few people stopped to make a fuss over him, so many that when one woman didn’t stop he seemed bewildered by her lack of interest. Back home, he insisted on coming upstairs with me. While I worked in my office he took a nice snooze in K’s comfy chair.



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A Pug and His Peanut Butter

Pablo received quite the treat this morning from K. A jar of mostly finished peanut butter intended for the trash was placed in Pablo’s paws instead. It kept him busy long enough for K to eat his breakfast in peace (usually an impossible feat here). After K left for work, Pablo trotted around the house carrying the jar in his mouth. Occasionally he’d bat it around like it was one of his toys. Except his toys don’t roll. Jars do, and this one rolled under every piece of furniture downstairs. Then Pablo would whine until I retrieved it. Thanks, K, for my morning workout!

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Orange You Glad…

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Orange is my favorite color, as you can see. Coincidentally, the pug is the official dog of Holland’s House of Orange.

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Light Tunnel Pug

When I’m bored I fool around with Photo Booth and photography apps. Lucky for me, Pablo is a willing model.

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