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You Ain’t Nothing But a “Yule Dog”


This is perhaps my favorite New Yorker cover of all time. It isn’t hard to guess why. The artist is Ana Juan.

It reminds me of a photo my daughter took of Pablo one Christmas morning about ten years ago.


Happy Holidays!






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And the Winner Is…


And the frog wins it! The votes have been tallied with 13 for the frog and 10 for the caterpillar. Pablo will greet the trick-or-treaters who traipse to our door in his frog costume. Maybe he will meet a princess who will kiss him and turn him back into the prince of pugs.

Thanks to all who voted!!!


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Frolicking Pug


Some people mistakenly think that pugs aren’t athletic, but actually they can zig and zag very well. In his heyday, Pablo was impossible to catch. He still likes to be chased, but sadly it’s very easy to grab him now. I don’t like to hurt his self-esteem, though, so I pretend that he’s a live wire and don’t tag him right away.

The pup above is in his prime. You can seem more animal photos–some unbelievably touching–at the Atlantic’s Animals in the News series. Thanks to K for the link!


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A Pug Poem


On my other blog, The Cath in the Hat, I review children’s books. It isn’t often that my two interests collide, but it’s usually a happy occurrence when they do. Case in point, Pug and Other Animal Poems, a picture book featuring verse by Valerie Worth and illustrations by Steve Jenkins. Jenkins uses collage to capture each animal’s portrait, and as you can see by the pug on the cover, he does a masterful job. I love the way the tip of the pug’s tongue sticks out, something that Pablo has taken to doing lately.

While all the poems are wonderful, by favorite has to be–you guessed it–the one entitled “Pug.”

With their goggling

Eyes and stumpy

Noses, wrinkled

Brows and hairy

Moles, they’re what

Some people

Might call plug-ugly;

Perhaps because, for

Dogs, they look

A lot like people.

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Two Books for Kids Featuring Pugs


Somehow I missed this book when it came out in 2010. Written by Tori Spelling–yes, that Tori–it’s a story of a poor little rich girl who can’t act the way the other 99 percent do. She’s not allowed to get dirty, or talk loudly, or even wear jeans. So tragic. On the plus side, there’s a pug in the book. In real life, Tori Spelling is a big fan of pugs, so no surprise she included one in her story.


Coming out in a few days is another, more promising book for pug-loving kids. Pug: And Other Animal Poems is by Valerie Worth with collage illustrations by the brilliant Steve Jenkins. Its on my TBR list for sure.

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A Writer and Her Pug


I saw this photo of Donna Tartt (author of The Little Friend) and Pongo, her pug, online and just had to post it. Check out Flavorwire’s other photos of famous writers at home. Sorry, folks, this is the only one that features a pug, but catch the one of Edward Gorey draped with cats. There’s also an eye-opening shot of Hemingway in bed wearing nothing but the New York Times.

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Head Tilt 101


Always interested in taking better shots of my favorite four-legged friends, I recently perused a post about canine photography. You can read it here. Don’t bother if you only take shots of pugs. The post is all about how to capture the head tilt. It offers practical advice such as making puppy sounds, asking enticing questions, and using animal noise apps. All very nice, but as any pugophile knows, there’s no difficulty at all in getting a pug to tilt his noggin. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to get him to stop. Pablo cocks his head at the drop of a hat.

Why is it that a pug’s head so naturally gravitates sideways? My theory is that they know they look super adorable and therefore are more likely to be rewarded with a tasty treat. What’s yours?


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