14 on the 14th!


Pablo turns fourteen today, and doesn’t he look dignified, quite the elder statesman. Yes, he’s missing most of his teeth; yes, he’s as deaf as a post; and, yes, his sphincter control isn’t what it was. But I wouldn’t trade him for any dog on this planet.



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6 responses to “14 on the 14th!

  1. Pablo appears to be thinking very deep thoughts, which is the only thing you describe about him that differs from my 14 yr old cockapoo. How lucky you are to have him so long! Also reminded to get more pads. . .

  2. simondrax

    Happy Birthday, Cookie Thief!

  3. Yes, his deep thoughts are how to steal more cookies. He still loves food–that never changes.

  4. Sheryl

    Happy Birthday, Pablo! He is quite the handsome man! The more grey they become, the more dear they are to us.

  5. Happy Birthday Pablo. What a milestone day for you.
    Love Noodles

  6. Happy Birthday Pablo! Long may you reign.

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