Miss Rita’s New Hideout


Miss Rita has taken to making the linen closet her own private sleeping quarters. As a result towels and sheets are often a bit, well, furry. Before this the cats liked to hang out in the attic. But because it’s unfinished in the summer it’s like a furnace up there and we’d have cooked kitties. OC has opted for the cool (but damp) basement, but Miss Rita like her creature comforts.




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2 responses to “Miss Rita’s New Hideout

  1. Great cat! I’d also like all pug lovers to know that the dogs of Rage Against the Dying (that cross between Peter Lorre and a bratwurst) will be featured in Fear the Darkness, available this January. And they finally get named!

  2. Leslie

    Creature comforts take priority in my home too!

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