Thirteen Years Ago Today


Happy Birthday, Pablo! My wonderful pug turns thirteen today–he’s officially a teenager! Looking back at his puppy photos brings back so many memories–like how he would follow me everywhere, even right into the shower, and how he would bark at me whenever I scolded him–as if I were the one doing something wrong!

K is away on a business trip so Pablo and I will spend a quiet day together. He already got his birthday present, an orange harness, and he looks very dashing in it. (Pictures to follow in a later post.) We went on an extra long walk on this lovely warm spring day and it was nice to finally see so many trees and flowers finally in bloom. And tonight we will celebrate with a birthday candle in a Frosty Paws.



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3 responses to “Thirteen Years Ago Today

  1. simondrax

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PABLO! Love, the entire Drax Clan.

  2. Leslie

    Isn’t it amazing how our furkids just grow up in a blink of an eye! Although I’m sure he still gets treated like a baby every day, just like my Zoe.

  3. Happy Birthday, Pablo! Hope you got lots of tasty B-Day treats!


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