Keeping Warm in 2014


It’s been bitter cold across the U.S. the last few days and here in the Philly area we are snuggling up at night with Pablo. For some strange reason he doesn’t mind the cold as much as he used to–it’s the snow that he objects to–so he has been taking us on long walks as the temps dip and biting winds blow. We just got back from another epic walk and now Pablo’s snoozing in his bed.



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4 responses to “Keeping Warm in 2014

  1. Patty Lazak

    Pablo reminds me of my Donovan. He is cuddled up with me under a heated throw right now!

  2. LAK

    he’s so cute! what a face….

  3. It is ridiculously cold. Even down here in Virginia, we’ve had below freezing temperatures. We are so not built for this.

  4. Stay warm, Pablo! You’re certainly in the right place, though – under the covers!

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