Frolicking Pug


Some people mistakenly think that pugs aren’t athletic, but actually they can zig and zag very well. In his heyday, Pablo was impossible to catch. He still likes to be chased, but sadly it’s very easy to grab him now. I don’t like to hurt his self-esteem, though, so I pretend that he’s a live wire and don’t tag him right away.

The pup above is in his prime. You can seem more animal photos–some unbelievably touching–at the Atlantic’s Animals in the News series. Thanks to K for the link!


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3 responses to “Frolicking Pug

  1. I am a live wire. . . but then again, I am (1) not a pug and (2) barely past 1 year. Noodles keeps up with me, though. Although, that said, she says she CHOOSES not to run.
    Love Molly

  2. joyce joy

    What an awesome picture! Thanks for sharing that with us 🙂

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