A Grumble of Pugs


Many fun and unusual words describe groups of animals. Among my favorites are a murder of crows, a sleuth of bears, and an exaltation of larks. But what of pugs? Of course there is pack of dogs, but as anyone who has witnessed a group of snuffling, panting pugs knows the word doesn’t exactly fit.

Then a few weeks ago I stumbled across the phrase a grumble of pugs. Doing a little online research I found out that indeed the collective noun for pugs is a grumble. This delighted me! Pablo is a known grumbler; he especially likes to grumble after dinner. Belly full, he struts around the house grumbling–and yes, it’s very distinct from his usual barking–at whatever strikes his fancy. It could be at one of the cats or a car going by outside. No matter. Pablo grumbles until he’s grumbled out.

Does your pug grumble?



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6 responses to “A Grumble of Pugs

  1. I DO NOT GRUMBLE. I announce my presence with authority and I make my wishes known – but I do not grumble.
    Love Noodles

  2. LAK

    perfect description! they do everthing so cute..:)

  3. How many pugs make up a grumble?

  4. Brutus (AKA Pugmalion) loves to grumble when I scratch around his ears. It’s his happy sound. Also if you rub the top of his head, his tail straightens and goes down. If you scratch along his side, his tail springs right back up into a single curl.

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