Peter Lorre + Bratwurst = Pug?

I’m a mystery aficionado and I don’t usually stumble across pugs in the suspense books and thrillers  I read, but this one stopped me dead in my tracks.

“The house came with a set of Pugs, which are a sort of cross between Peter Lorre and a bratwurst. The dogs were given to Carlo by Jane just before her death from cancer five years before; she figured caring for them would give her life purpose after her death. We kept intending to name them.”

The except is from Rage Against the Dying by Becky Masterman, and it’s about Brigid Quinn, a 59-year-old woman and an ex-FBI agent, who gets wrapped up in a cold case after someone tries to kill her. The pugs in the thriller belong to Brigid’s husband, and they never do name them. They’re just the Pugs. Later on, there’s a hilariously scary section when Brigid and the pugs are ambushed in the Arizona desert and the pugs go cascading down a prickly slope like a pair of furry tumbleweeds.

Read the book if you like to settle down with a good thriller. If you’re get queasy easily, though, you may want to pass. And, spoiler alert, the pugs come out of their ordeal just fine.


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One response to “Peter Lorre + Bratwurst = Pug?

  1. Allen

    Betty Davis also has pug eyes!…But Dianna Ross takes the prize for the most convincing pug eyes!!!

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