A Pug Poem


On my other blog, The Cath in the Hat, I review children’s books. It isn’t often that my two interests collide, but it’s usually a happy occurrence when they do. Case in point, Pug and Other Animal Poems, a picture book featuring verse by Valerie Worth and illustrations by Steve Jenkins. Jenkins uses collage to capture each animal’s portrait, and as you can see by the pug on the cover, he does a masterful job. I love the way the tip of the pug’s tongue sticks out, something that Pablo has taken to doing lately.

While all the poems are wonderful, by favorite has to be–you guessed it–the one entitled “Pug.”

With their goggling

Eyes and stumpy

Noses, wrinkled

Brows and hairy

Moles, they’re what

Some people

Might call plug-ugly;

Perhaps because, for

Dogs, they look

A lot like people.


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