What a Birthday!



This is Pablo at the start of his birthday festivities, so just imagine what he looked like after all the presents had been opened (and many consumed). Although he turned 12 on April 14, it wasn’t until this past weekend that we truly celebrated. Our party guests included my mom, my daughter (and Pablo’s big sis), and her boyfriend, who met Pablo for the first time. When introduced, he said it was like meeting a celebrity. Pablo could only agree since he firmly believes he’s a star and is often deeply offended when people on the street don’t make a fuss over him.

While we devoured our feast of grilled beef, noodles, and broccoli, Pablo had his Frosty Paws and then scooted over to beg for scraps. Later it was present time and he sniffed and pawed his way through packages of dog-boutique treats.  I think the card my mother got him sums it up quite well, don’t you?



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  1. Pablo, May you eat your way through another dozen years.

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