Happy Birthday, Pablo!


Today is Pablo’s 12th birthday so he’s officially an old geezer. As you can see, he’s just as handsome as ever (even if lately he’s been a bit stiff in the hind quarters).

We have beautiful spring weather and we intend to take advantage of it by grilling outside–Pablo’s favorite pastime. So they’ll be some steak for his birthday dinner and a Frosty Paws for dessert. Next weekend will be the true celebration when his sister and her beau and my mom come.

And yesterday was the third anniversary of this blog. Many thanks to all of Pablo’s followers and well-wishers!



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4 responses to “Happy Birthday, Pablo!

  1. Happy Birthday Pablo, from your half sister Wilma!!!! I turned 12 too last month and will be celebrating with many of my pug friends next weekend. We will put a candle on the cake for you too!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Pablo! Looking 12 years young

  3. Happy Birthday, Pablo! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.
    And Happy Anniversary to the blog.
    Both of you are holding up remarkably well.

  4. Pablo thanks you all! And Wilma–my half-sis–belated best wishes on your birthday. It seems we’ll both be celebrating on the same weekend–how cool is that!

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