Naming Your Best Friend


Today’s New York Times has an interesting article on the art of naming dogs. Some suggestions include:

1. Stick to names of one or two syllables.

2. Names that end in in a long vowel or a short “a” are good.

3. Include a hard consonant like a “k” to get the dog’s attention. (Apparently dogs hear these better.)

4. Eschew trendy names.

5. Uncommon names, though, stand out.

6. Pick a name you’re willing to repeat. A lot.

So how does Pablo’s name stack up? Well, it aces suggestions one and two. As for numbers four and five, his name certainly isn’t trendy, and it does stand out at the dog park. (I’ve never met another dog named Pablo. Have you?) And I like the way it sounds, so it’s a go for suggestion six as well. The only criteria his name doesn’t match is a hard consonant sound. So I’m thinking of changing his name. Pabko! Here, Pabko!

If you’re interested in learning how Pablo got his name, click here for an earlier post.


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  1. K

    Eschew. Es chew. Ha ha.

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