And the Winner Is…


c Fred R. Conrad/New York Times

Well, a member of the Toy Group won Westminster, but it wasn’t a pug (alas). Banana Joe, a monkey-faced affenpinscher, stole the show, and I have to admit he gave it his all as he trotted around the ring with the other six finalists: a Portuguese water dog, a bichon frise, an American foxhound, an Old English sheepdog, a fox terrier, and a German wire-haired pointer. While I liked Banana Joe, I was rooting for Oakley (the pointer). Long ago, in another life, I had a German shorthair pointer so perhaps I’m sentimental for the breed, but I did think Oakley was a magnificent specimen.

Pablo watched the show with me both nights, but once he saw the pug was out of the running, he lost interest and conked out on the end of the couch, dreaming no doubt of a year when a pug again snags top honors. FYI–Last time was in 1981.

This year’s Best of Breed pug, JJ, is a handsome fellow who placed fourth, not al all shabby. Here’s a photo:




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  1. JJ has a nicely coiled tag and terrific markings, but he seems so flat-faced. How can he breathe?

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