Like Teddy Roosevelt leading the Rough Riders up San Juan Hill, Pablo charged up a snow-banked slope on Sunday. As long-time readers of this blog know, Pablo avoids inclines at every opportunity and when faced with a staircase, goes into his classic “I’m-not-budging” stance. So what caused this burst of uncharacteristic activity?

Our mailman. Pablo has a serious crush on this member of the U.S. Postal Service, who always makes a huge fuss over him. It doesn’t hurt that he carries dog biscuits in his mailbag. Pablo has been known to receive three of these treats in one visit. Whenever we go on our morning walk, Pablo scours the vicinity for sightings of this man. For the past week, he’s been on vacation, so Pablo has searched in vain.

Imagine his joy, then, when, on Saturday, he spotted his hero across the street, delivering mail up a steep incline. Pablo attempted to scale the steps. No go. Frantic now, he took off, charging up the embankment. No way could I keep up, so I dropped the leash and watched him scramble up the hill. After a joyful reunion, Pablo gobbled his treats. Now sated, he made it clear he had no intention of coming down, so I had to go up, pick him up, and gingerly bring him down the icy steps.

Here’s Pablo resting after his exertions. Notice the tip of his tongue sticking out.



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  1. Diane

    I love this photo! My husband loves pugs. We don’t have a pet right now, so I got him a stuffed animal pug for his Christmas stocking, and its tongue sticks out! He keeps it by his chair in the family room. I guess we need to think about getting a dog…

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