Pug by a Pile of Pillows

Wow, it’s been a while–almost a month since my last post. My bad. Things have been more hectic than usual around here. K returned from a three-week plus business trip in which he circled the globe, traveling from South Africa to Australia to San Diego to home. Then I left for a much shorter trip to NYC , attending a blogging convention and visiting with friends and family.

With all this going on, Pablo didn’t know which way was up and became super clingy, even for a pug (which is saying a lot). Now that things are almost back to normal, he’s getting back to his routine. Above, he’s posing next to a set of pug pillows I received as a birthday present a few weeks ago. He blends right in, doesn’t he?



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2 responses to “Pug by a Pile of Pillows

  1. Drax

    Oh, that’s a Night Gallery pic if I ever saw one…

  2. Except Pablo is handsomer than the pillow pugs.

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