Pimple Puss

Pablo is way past adolescence, yet lately he’s been plagued by unsightly zits. How do I get rid of them? Clearasil?



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7 responses to “Pimple Puss

  1. All four of my pugs – from the youngest little black guy to the two elderly fawn/black ones – get pimples, too! Depending on the time of year we call them ‘Christmas pimples’, ‘Halloween pimples’, whatever. My daughter is a Certified Vet Tech and she doesn’t know what causes them either. She squeezes them, just like a regular pimple and when you ‘pop’ them, and they bleed, they heal faster. I think you’ll just have to learn to live with them… Clearasil wouldn’t work because he’d just lick it off.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I’m not sure I’m brave enough to pop them.

  3. Kitty+Coco

    I have heard you treat them with antibiotics from the vet if they really bother you. Otherwise, just rock on.

  4. alfamare57

    One of my Puggies gets zits all over her chin if we give her cheese. We used it to hide pills till we figured it out. Now we use hot dogs. 🙂

  5. Kim Bourcier

    Make sure you are not using anything but stainless for his food and water bowls and clean at least once a day. Plastic bowls can cause pimples. Hope this helps the sweet fella.

    On Aug 14, 2012, at 10:09 AM, Confessions of a Pugophi

  6. Kim

    Make sure that his food and water bowls are stainless and they are cleaned daily, plastic can cause pimples.

  7. Thanks for all the helpful comments. Pablo is a cheese lover, so it might be that. He does have a stainless steel water bowl, but his food bowl is plastic. Might need to be replaced!

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