Head Tilt 101


Always interested in taking better shots of my favorite four-legged friends, I recently perused a post about canine photography. You can read it here. Don’t bother if you only take shots of pugs. The post is all about how to capture the head tilt. It offers practical advice such as making puppy sounds, asking enticing questions, and using animal noise apps. All very nice, but as any pugophile knows, there’s no difficulty at all in getting a pug to tilt his noggin. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to get him to stop. Pablo cocks his head at the drop of a hat.

Why is it that a pug’s head so naturally gravitates sideways? My theory is that they know they look super adorable and therefore are more likely to be rewarded with a tasty treat. What’s yours?



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4 responses to “Head Tilt 101

  1. I read that they’ve been bred to do that for centuries. So they’ll look adorable. Great photo, by the way.

  2. I always interpret the tilt as a question mark. And Pablo is always wondering…

  3. I agree that the tilt is treat related for pugs If she isn’t tilting it exactly when I want, I say “carrot” and Eloise tilts it immediately. Great shot of Pablo.

  4. Kitty+Coco

    Hmmm. Good question. All I know is that Coco doesn’t have a ton of facial expressions, and she can’t move her ears like satellites like her sister the Boston T. does. So maybe that is a Pug’s “thing” to show expression. God’s way of creating balance. If you say Tinkerbell in our house the heads really get to tilting!! (Tinkerbell is their evil cousin).

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