In Mostly Meh Company

Best of the Bunch

This Saturday, April 14th, Pablo turns 11 years old. Party festivities are underway and his present (a snazzy leather leash–don’t tell!) has been bought. The day before taxes are due, April 14 always struck me as an auspicious birthdate. Who else, I wondered, was born on this most worrisome day? Well, Pablo shares his birthday with a motley crew, no one wildly famous, but not anyone super notorious either (Doc Duvalier is as bad as it gets). Here’s a sampling of Pablo’s fellow celebrants:

Emperor Go-Kogon of Japan (ruler)

Christian Huygens (discovered Saturn’s rings)

Alfred West (champion cyclist)

Rod Stieger (actor)

Loretta Lynn (country singer)

Pete Rose (baseball gambler, er, player)

Steve Martin (comic, actor, writer)

Brian Forster (Partridge Family, drums)

Adrien Brody (actor)

Sarah Michelle Gellar (actress?)


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