Over the Rainbow

We made it! Yes, it was harrowing at times. Yes, we (I) left too much packing to the last minute. Yes, a lot of the furniture didn’t make it up the narrow staircase and is now sitting in the basement. Yes, we didn’t have hot water for several days. Yes, my lower back and knees are killing me. And, yes, we still have much left to unpack. But was it worth it? Yes!

Phoenixville is a charming town with a terrific downtown, plus pretty much everything I need is within walking distance. A park is steps away and Pablo has already marked just about every inch of it. The house, while a bit too cozy (code for small), is nonetheless spick and span with fresh coats of paint, polished wood floors, and a kitchen that actually has enough cabinets–and a working stove, unlike our last place.

The animals are adjusting to their new home. After freaking out from the big move, the cats have settled down and are enjoying exploring the house and looking out the many windows. Pablo took the move with the calm of a Zen master. His only beef is with the stairs. He won’t go up the front stoop and the back steps he managed once with difficulty. With typical pug stubbornness, he’s since refused to try again, which means we’re forced to carry him up. K is thinking of building him his own private ramp!


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  1. Drax

    Aww! Beautiful. Congrats.

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