My Vote Goes to Uggie

I haven’t seen all the Oscar nominated movies this year, but no matter. For my money the award for Best Supporting Actor should go to Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier that plays Jean Dujardin’s companion in The Artist. While I liked the film, it didn’t wow me–with the exception of Uggie’s star performance. Man, that little dog can steal a scene. Other people agree and have started a FaceBook “consider Uggie” campaign for users to voice their support. Hey, it worked for Betty White.

Like many a celebrity, Uggie didn’t have starring roles handed to him on a platter. In fact, his trainer rescued him from the pound after his first two owners rejected him for being too wild. That energy was put to good use on the set, where he appeared in commercials before graduating to films such as Like Water for Elephants.

Another dog performance worth mentioning is Cosmo’s, also a Jack Russell, from the film Beginners. Cosmo acted his heart out too, but I have to go with Uggie. Nearly ten, his acting days are winding down. Here’s hoping he’ll be making an appearance on Oscar night.


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