Westminster Calls

Last year's winner in the toy group

In this household, it’s bigger than the Super Bowl. Today starts the 136th Westminster Dog Show, the second longest sporting event in the country. (Number 1? the Kentucky Derby.) When I lived in NYC, I used to try and attend at least one day of the two-day show. The biggest thrill was going behind the arena to see all the dogs being groomed. Of course I made a beeline for the pugs, but I also enjoyed seeing other breeds that rarely make an appearance on city streets. This year six new breeds will make their debut at Westminster, including the Xoloitzcuintli–a very long name for such a tiny dog, formerly known as the Mexican hairless.

When was the last year a pug won Best of Show? Thirty-one years ago! That’s when Champion Dhandys Favorite Woodchuck took home the trophy. To see photos of him and some other past winners, click here. Pablo would like nothing better than to see another pug in the winner’s seat, but it doesn’t seem likely to happen this year. According to one report, a black cocker spaniel is favored. We won’t know the outcome until after tomorrow’s show. Tonight, judges will select the top hound, toy, non-sporting, and herding breeds. An affenpinscher is expected to win toy. Will there be a pug upset? Stay tuned!


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