Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

No, not Sidney Poitier. It’s Miss Rita. For the past week or so, Rita has sussed on to the fact that we feed Pablo his dry kibble at the dinner table. We do this because Pablo is the biggest beggar in doggydom, and if we fed him table scraps, he’d be tipping the scales even more than he does now. So I toss bits of kibble on the floor as K and I dine to the tune of Pablo’s increasingly frantic whines. Into this mix, enter Miss Rita, stage left. Rita prefers Pablo’s kibble to her own and is forever after me to give her some when I feed Pablo in the morning. I’ve been known to toss her a few, and she’s developed quite the taste for them. Come dinnertime, she positions herself in the corner and waits. When a stray kibble comes her way, she pounces. Pablo, chicken that he is, won’t challenge her because he’s afraid of her, and, to be fair, he has felt the sting of her claws in the past. Only OC stays away from the table. He’s too busy wailing at the door to our deck to be let out.

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2 responses to “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

  1. Gay

    can’t wait to have dinner with you.

  2. KittyplusCoco

    Guess it is reasonable to think the cat might want a little doggie kibble. Heck, the dogs flock to kitty food like it is a steak or something. We eat with one hand eating and one hand whack-a-pugging so that our food isn’t stolen. They are super sneaky. We don’t have many people over for dinner..

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