Bring on the New Year!

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2012! Hope everyone’s celebrations were as nice as mine. Pablo spent the first day of the new year taking in the sun on our back deck. Later that afternoon K and I took Pablo on a long walk on a wooded path where he sniffed away to his heart’s content.

Pablo made out like a bandit on Christmas morning with new squeaky toys and treats under the tree. When we didn’t open his presents fast enough he took matters into his own paws and tore off the wrapping of one all by himself. It was a last minute gift from me, and a fitting one. As readers of this blog know, Pablo has recently been plagued by a bad case of fleas. So when I saw this plush toy in our newly opened pet store, I had to buy it. Now it’s payback time!


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One response to “Bring on the New Year!

  1. Drax

    Oh what a bee-yoo-tee-full pic of Pabby sniffing at the sun and the breeze! I can barely count the fiendish ways in which I might manipulate this photo for sinister purposes.

    (Really: great cute pic. But revenge on the fleas, bah. Have fun. Might as well fight the night from falling.)

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