Happy Holidays, Fellow Pugophiles!

Pablo wishes all our faithful readers a merry little holiday. May you and the pug you love find something special under the tree.



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2 responses to “Happy Holidays, Fellow Pugophiles!

  1. Drax


    (found under tree) “To Pablo, Love Drax!” Lookit that, a package from Drax! To Pahbby! Let’s unwrap it! (dog scratches at package for 27 desperate seconds before collapsing in exhaustion) Here, let Mama help. Ohhhhh…

    LOOK, Pablo. Drax gave you ribs and meat and bones.

    * * *

    Would if I could. Merry Christmas, Pablo, and to the humans and cats as well, all of you in the house that Pablo rules with a every little snort, the mighty little BugFugPug, king of his damn castle.

    — Drax

  2. KittyplusCoco

    Merry Christmas Pablo! Um..yeah..Mom might not like what “special” present I left her under the tree. Jury is still out. Yikes.


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