A Clean Bill of Health

Last week we took Pablo to the vet for his annual wellness exam. We had two concerns–the dreaded fleas, which were still making their presence felt, and a small lump on his upper left leg that I discovered while giving him a bath. As you can imagine, the lump was by far the more important of the two, especially since two years ago Pablo had a mass cell tumor removed from his chest. As those who know me can attest, I tend to panic when a health issue raises its ugly head. This time, I tried to remain calm. It helped that the lump felt different from the first one, not attached to muscle and not as solid.

Our vet examined Pablo–always a model, if perhaps, hyper patient–and told us the lump was a cyst. She drained it; it’s gone; major relief! And the fleas? They have been vanquished as well. Our vet medicated Pablo and gave us instructions on how to deflea the house. The approach must be working because Pablo is once again itch-free and sleeping through the night.

So we have the best Christmas present of all–a healthy and happy pug!



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3 responses to “A Clean Bill of Health

  1. Drax

    It’s like a Christmas miracle!

  2. Joan

    Three cheers! (And unlike some commentators on this post< I'm not being sarcastic.)

  3. The best gift is health and love and he’s got both!~
    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

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